The Art & Me

- A Million Daydreams in a Million Colors -

Creepy Classy Gurls

When you thrive some extra attitude ;) 

As an artist its allways fun to experiment with ones own ideas and styles. Im a true horrormovie fan and i love everything that has a tiny hint of creepyness in it. I also enjoy style in general so i played around with some fashionable ladies here. Hehe.

Linear Daydreams

With happpy colors and loads of swirls - new worlds and creatures emerge.

To daydream is another great passion of mine. On my many and sometimees long walks my mind likes to wander to magical places and the emotions of daily life gets new, cozy colors.

Painterly Moments

My daughter - Molly, 5 år - Is the most magical person i know.

Each day she tells me of new dreams, stories, places och creatures... No wonder that so much of my inspiration comes alive when i chat with her.

She is caring, curious, artistic,

social and determined. 

In these paintings you are allowed to come along on her adventures in the world and many of the paintings are named after her quotes.

Cozy Horror


...there's some cozyness in the creepy. Many asks me what i mean with "Cozy Horromovies" - It's the movies with an atmosphere and mystique that makes you want to watch them over and over again. 

Some of my recomendations:

- Velvet Buzzsaw

- Tremors

- Mama